Content Writing Pricing – Cents Per Word & Research (Members Only)

  • $0.0129 – Essential Skill Nominal research
  • $0.02 – Better Skill Mild research
  • $0.03 – High Skill Moderate research
  • $0.05 – Exceptional Skill More research

For example a 300 word article with:
Essential Skill & Nominal Research-
would be $3.87 – (300 x .0129 = 3.87)

*Website Page Writing-
would be $6.00 – (300 x .02 = 6.00)
(Website pages require a 2 cent price point)

*Simple articles may not exceed 1499 words. ANY item over a 1500 word count is a minimum of 2 cents per word due to the excessive research involved in creating an article of that length. It qualifies as ebook level.

Content Rewriting We do accept content that is yours for rewriting in the case that you need to have more than one copy of an article. These copies are very low priced and are not guaranteed 100 % unique. These items are priced at less than 1 cent per word. You must provide content that you own to use the rewrite pricing.

Proofing Every article is proof read by our expert proofers to ensure your satisfaction. There is one exception, which is the rewrite. Rewrites are skimmed, and not fully proofed given the very low pricing involved. They are not copyscaped given that a rewrite need only be 65 % unique. That is why you must certify that you own the content prior to placing it for rewrite. If you wish them to be fully proofed, please select the one cent per word option and ask to have them written using that article as the basis.


Content Writing Services Competitively Priced!

Our goal here at Need An Article™ is to keep our pricing competitive, and  to keep good writers writing so that you can buy content for your website at reasonable pricing!

One thing we know for certain is the quality of a site can often be seen in its pricing.

Rest assured that at Need An Article™, you will always find fair pricing with both client and author in mind. Buy content for your website cheaply and easily from

Every writer at Need an Article is a professional author with years of experience creating content for small to large websites. Our mission is to put good quality content online.

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Press Releases – SEO Packages – Other



Press Releases

Each one of our authors test and submit a proficiency exam to prove their skill in writing press releases.

  • Press Release – $25


SEO Packages & Other Types of Work

Ask about our Full SEO Package pricing with Link wheel creation, & link building, Social Media marketing and Squido lense creations.

  • WordPress – $40 (Base installed) and all requested plugins
  • Live chat, Forums – $13
  • Community functions – $15
  • Private messaging – $9

Custom work in websites, E-books, and Business writing is available, prices are customized per order.

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