Meet The Need An Article™ Family

Need An Article™ has been in operation and has given service to many happy clients since early 2006. Need An Article™, also known as NAA by most of our clients, has become one of the most highly rated and well respected content creation websites online today.

Our Goal and Mission

Scott Foster is the founder and president of Need An Article™. It was his idea to offer the service to the internet and beyond. While building VRE affiliate content websites and doing e-mail marketing back in 2006, Scott Foster quickly learned that finding and holding onto good writers was a very difficult endeavor. So, to help keep his writers working and to help keep in touch with them better, he got together with a programmer and began work on a simple site that would accomplish this goal.

The idea was to make a site/script that would basically operate like a gum-ball machine, in goes a coin and out pops an article. well it worked, and it worked well enough for Scott to decide to turn the site into a membership that he could offer to his e-mail list, which he did and the rest is history. NAA has kept this “gum-ball machine” flowing with little more then word of mouth “advertising” from happy clients.

Currently expanding the offerings and services to our clients, we at NAA take great pride in the many thousands of quality items we’ve released to the internet and to offline media over the years.

The Staff of NAA

The NAA Staff include Proof Readers, Planners, Administrators, and general behind the scenes members who help to chart a course forward for the site.

They are responsible for your up and coming new site features, site changes, email responses, proof reading, and customer service, as well as for assuring the day -to- day smooth operations of NAA .

Among those people with whom you might deal with on a daily basis are:

Scott Foster, Founder
Scott Foster is the founder and president of Need An Article™ and enjoys getting to know his valued NAA clients in person. Scott will often speak on the phone or via other methods to the NAA clients. He enjoys meeting new people and asking questions about their level of satisfaction with the site.


Robbi Drake, Site Administration

Robbi, also known as Macbeth on the writers list, can truly be said to wear a lot of hats at NAA. She has done much of the SEO work for NAA, builds WordPress sites, html, Mediawiki and Zen Cart site for customers and has been involved in the development of NAA’s main site. Robbi also handles customer service and live chat, using her knowledge of SEO, content strategy and much more to enrich the experience of NAA members. She is also a writer and proofer as well as assisting customers in getting the content they need ordered.

Customer Service Dept.

Nancy Langston, Customer Service Director

Nancy, or Nance, as she is more commonly referred to, will be most likely your first communication here at NAA. Whether you need an item re-written, something fixed, or your email sendings aren’t working, Nancy is the one who will do her best to make sure that you get exactly what you need from the NAA systems. Nance acts as a liaison between the programmers, the writers, the customers and the entire team at NAA. Nance also functions as a Proofer and writer for NAA and along the way helps customers to fill in their orders, assists in spontaneous teaching in the Skype writer room and offers assistance tracking down the site owner to relay information.

Computer Support Staff

The day-to-day operations of the behind the scenes system operations rely on the support staff in order to accomplish the mission of getting your materials out to you.

They keep the systems functioning at peak capacity and writes and repairs the code as the need arises. They also will be there to implement any new features that we or even you want implemented to the site.

Proof Readers

Joy Burgess

A freelance writer and proofreader from Avondale, Arizona. While Joy has been writing on the side for the past 12 years, she became a full time freelance writer in 2005. She has been a top writer with Need An Article™ since December, 2006 and went on to take the position of proofreader with Need An Article™ in April, 2009. Before working with Need An Article™, Joy worked as a proofreader with writing website, Keyword Cafe.

Joy has been published in magazines, such as Highland Dancer and has been a guest writer for blogs including American Backing up her writing career, Joy has a Bachelor’s Degree from Allegheny Wesleyan College. She spent time teaching music, writing, and public speaking at Sumter Christian Academy. Joy’s background in the medical field, which includes working as a Nurse’s Aide, as a Home Health Care Aide, and doing an internship in Norfolk General Hospital Emergency Room, provides her with an extra edge when writing and proofreading article related to medicine.

We hope you join the NAA family soon, so we can all help each other move ahead, in business and life.

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